Tips on How to Play Forex on Android for Beginners
Tips on How to Play Forex on Android for Beginners

5 Tips on How to Play Forex on Android for Beginners

The era that is growing rapidly makes it easier for someone to earn an income. In fact, this income can be obtained online though. One of them is to take advantage of how to play forex on Android.

However, to play in this field of course requires sufficient knowledge and experience. So that later you can get the benefits according to what you want. Therefore, make sure to know in advance how to play well.

Know What is Forex Trading

You need to know, that forex trading is an online trading activity. Later, in this activity, currency will be traded until it can make a profit for each user. Therefore, it is very important to know how to play it first.

That way, currency trading activities can run smoothly even though it is done online. In addition, it is also necessary for every trader who wants to play forex to prepare adequate capital. So that later you can make buying and selling transactions.

Currently, the forex market itself has provided a large enough opportunity for anyone who wants to make a profit in this field. they can even access the market for only a few tens of dollars. Whether it’s for experienced traders or beginners.

How to Play Forex on Android

Of course there are several ways to play forex that need to be applied for those who want to make a profit. Even if you don’t spend a lot of money. Therefore, do not be bored in exploring the information about forex trading. Below is how to play it itself:

Choose a Forex Broker

If you have prepared the device to play forex trading, then the next step is to choose the forex broker you want to use according to your needs. In this case, make sure to choose a site that already has official permission.

Not only that, also choose a site that does not require a lot of capital. This is done so that later it can make it easier for a trader who is still classified as a beginner. After that, you can start visiting the site. So that later, the forex trading process can be carried out.


Next, you can start registering on the site. Then open a demo trading account. Generally, the trading account will contain virtual money. The existence of the money will be transacted in an easy way even for beginners.

It’s easy to register yourself. The trick is to select the demo account list menu. After that, you can directly fill out the registration form provided on the site. Then, follow the steps until you get a verification email.

Download Forex Platform

After getting a verification email, you can start downloading or installing the platform that will be used for forex trading. Then, make sure to use the password and ID that you received via the email address before you can login to the platform.

Of course, you will find it easier to open a trading platform. In addition, users can also view and analyze charts of the movement of currency exchange rates in international markets. Therefore, be sure to increase your knowledge about the trade.

Start with Small Capital

Not infrequently, sales brokers invite novice traders to spend up to tens of millions of rupiah in capital. This is done on the grounds that the greater the capital, the greater the profit that can be obtained. In fact, this is just a marketing technique.

Basically, in forex trading, real trading is needed that can be used with smaller capital. That way, the losses that will be obtained later can also be minimized. Especially for those of you who are still beginners in this field.

Make Daily Trades

It is very important for you to keep forex trading records for day to day. The reason is, without having these notes, it would be much easier to forget them. In addition, also learn forex trading, one of which is to practice on a demo account.

You can record notes that have been studied and tested. Then, also write in full about the trading technique used, the pair traded, the profit or loss obtained, or other things that have been learned from the trading transaction.

Those are some ways to play forex on Android that you can know. As a beginner, it is very important for you to first find a lot of references about trading. Also learn to trade using a demo account to make it more optimal.