iTop VPN Free VPN For Faster Browsing
iTop VPN Free VPN For Faster Browsing

iTop VPN – Free VPN For Faster Browsing

iTop VPN – For those of you who don’t know, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network or if translated into Indonesian it is a virtual network that can be accessed privately. In essence, with a VPN one can access the site privately through another network server.

Indeed, VPN is a tool that was created specifically so that users can browse anything smoothly without any restrictions. Sites that were originally deliberately blocked by the government can eventually be opened thanks to a VPN.

As for several things that can be done with a VPN, among others, namely disguise a person’s location when opening the internet, send data securely without leakage, open content that can only be opened in certain countries, reduce connection disruptions, and many others.

In the past, VPNs were only used by companies for the purpose of securing data. However, now anyone regardless of status has used a VPN for various purposes.

Generally there are two types of VPN services, namely free VPNs and paid VPNs. In terms of features, of course there are far more paid VPNs.

iTop VPN, Premium Quality and Free VPN

Link download iTop VPN

VPN for Windows. It also supports several operating systems such as Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

So iTop VPN is not only a VPN tool for PCs, but also for laptops, iPhones, and androids too. Whatever device you use, this VPN can be downloaded for free and used right away.

You can use iTop VPN for free up to 700 MB daily. If the quota runs out, just upgrade to the premium version at a very affordable price.

This VPN can be directly downloaded for free on the Google Play Store, app store, or directly through a browser on your laptop or computer.

Advantages of iTop VPN

Besides this VPN can increase security when you are browsing with your device for free, but iTop VPN still has many advantages that are very beneficial for its users. What are those?

Super Fast Connection

Make no mistake, even though the free iTop VPN still provides super fast connection quality. Open sites, download songs, download videos, and enjoy streaming services without lag and without stuttering.

To make it faster, I suggest you to choose a server location that is close to Indonesia. One of them is the Singapore server.

Free Access To Any Content

Want to open any content for free even if the site is blocked? Just use iTop VPN. You can go to any site or content you want.

In addition, with iTop VPN you can also video, music, stream, play blocked online games, and many others.

Can Browse Without Ads

Want to browse without being bothered by piles of ads? iTop VPN is the solution.

When you browse and activate this VPN, any type and model of advertising on the website will immediately disappear. Surfing in cyberspace becomes even smoother.

Not only does it avoid ad distractions, iTop VPN can also block malicious links when you surf the web.

Very Easy to Use

Anyone can use this VPN very easily. You don’t need to create an account or login with a google or social media account.

Once downloaded, just open it, then select the server location and turn on the VPN. After that you can turn off the VPN at any time simply by pressing the off button.

Very easy isn’t it? Without various logins and verifications, you can immediately use this VPN tool.

Many Server Options Available

At iTop VPN, there are many choices of servers that you can choose from. In total there are more than 1800 servers in more than 100 locations from all over the world.

The many choices of this server will definitely make it easier for you to open blocked sites according to their location. For example, if you want to open a site whose servers are based in the United States, then you can choose a United States server when using this VPN.

Can be used on many devices at once

You can use iTop VPN on multiple devices or devices. It can even be more than five devices at once.

Of course this is very beneficial for those of you who need multitasking work every day.

Highly Advanced Security System

Smooth and safe browsing thanks to iTop VPN. This VPN tool is equipped with Salsa20(chacha20)256-bit encryption that can protect your activities in cyberspace.

IP can be hidden so that your location, identity, and all your activities on the internet will not be known by hackers.

That’s the review of the free VPN service iTop VPN. It’s time to secure your internet browsing privacy with iTop, nothing else.