Windscribe VPN, Quality and Secure Free VPN Service
Windscribe VPN, Quality and Secure Free VPN Service

Windscribe VPN, Quality and Secure Free VPN Service

Windscribe VPN – In this article I will review another VPN (Virtual Private Network) service from Windscribe, where each VPN service of course aims to make internet users safe from various kinds of threats and hide the real identity of the user. VPN users.

And why is it important for internet users to hide their identities, because surfing as anonymous will be more difficult to detect and safe from the prying eyes of other internet users who may try to have malicious intent on us as internet users.

Online security and privacy are indeed very important today as we know that the growth of the internet and its users is growing very rapidly and this of course becomes very dangerous if we do not start to realize how important internet security is today.

For example, the importance of information security when transacting via the internet, which could be leaked due to hackers using an unsecured network and we could lose a lot of things.

And when using a VPN service when using the internet, information and online privacy are very well maintained because every information will be encrypted first by the VPN server and will still feel safe when using a public internet network.

Windscribe VPN

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When you’re trying to find a popular free VPN service, you’ll probably find Windscribe’s name as one of the best that will appear on the list.

Windscribe is indeed a free VPN service provider but it also has a premium version which will fully protect you from the threats of online crime and Windscribe also supports a wide range of devices.

Just like other VPN services, Windscribe can also connect you to one of the servers located in various countries around the world to make you always seen as anonymous and undetected and will encrypt your every internet connection through windscribe servers to ensure maximum protection at all times.

In addition, with this Windscribe VPN you will be free from blocking websites or content that may be restricted by your ISP and will also unblock any content that is restricted based on your geo-location. Not only that, for users who hate the appearance of a lot of ads when surfing the internet, Windscribe can block ads that bother you and there are many more benefits that you will be able to find.

WindScribe VPN Features and Prices

After reading a bit about windscribe above, let’s move on to see the prices offered by windsrcibe and also take a closer look at the features and functions of this VPN service.

Windscribe VPN price

Windscribe in the price list shown in the picture above, they offer 2 packages, namely: Free (Free) and Pro, while for Pro it is divided into packages, namely annual and monthly payments. In the free version you can only use it on one device, 8 server locations, there is no open configurations VPN service, and the bandwidth is only limited to no more than 10 GB per month.

As for the monthly and yearly paid Pro versions, you will get all the same features and provide only at a lower price if you purchase the service for a yearly fee of $7.5/month and $9/month monthly. With this Windscribe Pro package you will be able to use all the features such as there is no limit to use on various devices, there are 45 server locations, unlimited bandwidth, openVPN configs, firewall, Adblock, P2P and many more.

Windscribe Features

A common feature of a VPN service is that it has a service function to hide your online identity and security while surfing.

But apart from these main things, the Windscribe VPN service also has many useful options such as DNS leak protection and many other features. And here let’s take a look at the list of features of Windscribe VPN.

Anonymity online

Windscribe offers to never expose your identity to online threats like spammers, hackers, malware, etc. You just need to press a button and choose the route of your internet connection through the Windscribe servers and you will get a dedicated IP for your connection which will be completely different from your real identity. And this IP will change so that it will completely make your real identity undetectable.

Multiple server locations

Windscribe is the same as most other VPN services that also have many servers for connections spread in various countries around the world including Germany, Australia, United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more.

Currently windscribe has as many as 45 servers. You can choose the closest server from your location to get maximum speed and efficiency on the connection. You can change the server at any time as you wish.

Connection speed

Windscribe provides the same speed and they will not change or affect the speed. You will get almost the same speed as you get without the VPN connection layer. Unlike most other VPN services that provide good security for the connection but affect the speed so that the speed drops considerably.

Maintain Full Privacy

Just like any other VPN service that will protect each user’s online privacy, Windscribe itself will also continue to keep your online privacy safe, not only from hackers and spammers but even from the windscribe company itself.

They will never store your connection logs and your history temporarily on their servers. This is also a great feature for a VPN service and also comes with their free service. This can save you from having to worry about feeling like someone else is tracking you.

DNS leak prevention

By means of complete online privacy, they even protect your DNS information from being tracked or taken out. It locks even the last door to your online identity.

How to Use Windscribe VPN

To start using this windscribe VPN service, you need to create an account on their website After you have created the account, you can install the Windscribe software according to the OS on the device you are using. After that open the windscribe software and it will look like this.

All you have to do is select the preferred location and click the “ON” power button. This windscribe software will automatically connect you to a VPN server with a firewall enabled. Your IP address will also change to a different IP address from your actual one to ensure your online privacy is maintained. After the connection is connected, the interface will turn more lively as shown below.

And now you are connected to the internet using windscribe VPN service. You can also configure windscribe in the top left menu, the settings are very simple but for those of you who are not very familiar with these settings you should leave them by default or look at the windscribe documentation page.

And that’s my review of Windscribe VPN that you can try to keep you safe while surfing the internet, online identity hidden and unblocked. Hopefully this article is useful and good luck.